brother_fern mentioned you in a comment: I have been doing some testing on a product called @CannabaWashâ„¢. It is a Bio-Based Non Ionic Surfactant. It is designed to be a foliar spray meant to kill pests and pathogens on contact. However, being a strong surfactant (soap), I first tested it out by seeing how well it would clean my cloner after a full-run.

The way I clean my cloner is as follows and this method will be used the same for both demonstrations:

  1. I take my cloner and rinse it with a hose/ pressure nozzle.
  2. I’ll then fill it with 5 gals of water and add in my choice of cleaner.
  3. Cover the cloner with the lid and collars in place.
  4. Turn the cloner on and let it run continuously for 40 minutes to allow the pump and inner piping to get flushed clean.
  5. Set a timer for 20 minutes, at the half way point go and flip the cloning collars to allow both sides to be washed.
  6. Replace with 5 gal of clean water and cycle again for another 40 minutes to slush out any remaining cleaner. Be sure to flip the cloning collars again at the 20 minute mark.
  7. Dump out the water and rinse on last time with the hose. The cloner is now ready to used again.

On the left is a picture of my cloner after a run and being fully cleaned out with a 1/2 cup Bleach to 5 gallons of water. The bleach has always left this white crust that almost resembles a hard water residue. You can see where I take my thumb nail and drag it along the side to scrape off the gunk. There is also an awful smell of chlorine and chemicals after cleaning with the bleach.

On the right is a picture of my cloner after a run and being fully cleaned out with 1 oz of CannabaWashâ„¢ to 5 gal of water? Not only did it not leave any residue, it actually removed all of my crust and hard water stains from previous runs! The inside of the tank feels like the day I got it, brand new squeaky clean plastic. There is no odor whatsoever as the CannabaWashâ„¢ is odorless. The collars feel amazing and have no slime residue, they also feel brand new!

Definitely amazed at the cleaning power of this product! Going to continue with more testing!

Michael Fern,
Hesperia, California