CannabaWashTM Market Testing Program

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Product to be tested: CannabaWash™, a proprietary Colloidal Micelles Surfactant Formulation for use in growing all Cannabis plants.

Acceptance Requirements

Acceptance into the product trial is subject to a mutual confidentiality agreement.

We will keep your secrets secret as we expect you to keep our secrets secret. We will not share any of your individual information with any third parties. This product testing program is for our internal assessment of the product and how we can better serve you. Any information used publicly will be as a group and never as an individual.

Before Applying for this Testing Program

  1. You need to be operating a legal growing facility of 1,000 sq.ft. or larger,
  2. Have 8+ plants to commit to the entire Testing Period, and
  3. Able to commit to a four-month (4) period of time (full growing cycle).

During this 4-month testing period, you will be committing to:

  • the completion of a daily log for the first five (5) days of the trial,
  • accurate and detailed weekly reports,
  • consistent photographic evidence throughout the entire trial period.

Successful completion of the trial will entitle participants to an exclusive lifetime discount on all cannabis cultivation products we produce.

Please fill out and submit the application below or download the PDF form here and email it to: 4Info@CannabaWash.com.

Please make sure all fields are completed to be considered.

*Please note all questions must be answered with -at least- one full valid answer for consideration. If a question doesn’t apply to you or you have questions about the form please contact us or write it in the bottom of the form.

Market Test Application

  • 1) Please state the variety of Cannabis and/or hybridization, you are currently cultivating and will be testing our product on?

  • 2) Are your plants currently or have they in the past suffered from any disease, infection or pest infestation - Please state problem? (Please state in detail, type of problem, dates of infection, etc.)

  • 3) If your plants are currently or have in the past suffered from any disease, infection or pest infestation, how have you been managing it? (Please state in detail - products used, period of time taken to control or eradicate issue, etc.)

  • 4) What method of cultivation do you use? (e.g., hydroponics, aquaponics, conventional outdoors growing, traditional indoor soil cultivation.) If soil grown, please state soil type, pH, etc.

  • 5) How big is your growing operation in acres or sq. ft.?

  • 6) What products are you currently using in cultivation and for what purpose?